Friday, 16 December 2016

WINGS OF TERROR from Wrench Productions - Reviewed!

John A. Short reviews: Wrench Productions' WINGS OF TERROR #1 by Cliff Jones & Andrew Richmond. Part one of a two part mini-series. This American sized comic must surely share some inspirational DNA with Kult Creations' own SAVAGE! JUNGLE PRINCESS… Both comics feature vile Nazis up-against dinosaurs (not to mention strong, sexy heroines.) Wrapped up in a great, full-colour, fully painted cover by Grant Richards in the style of some 1970s Doug McClure movie poster, there eighteen interior story pages drawn in black and white pen and ink by Andrew Richmond with furious energy. Cliff Jones' story relates the events surrounding the launch of an experimental Nazi airship four times the size of the Hindenburg. British spy and femme fatale, Lady Elizabeth Thomas is on board to keep her eye on whatever strange experiment the Third Reich is up to. I can't tell you any more of the plot as loose lips sink ships… But suddenly dinosaurs! Andrew Richmond is particularly good at drawing pterosaurs – whether in savage detail or in fantastic negative silhouettes. The title is probably not suitable of young children, even though it doesn't feature explicit nudity it does allude to sexual matters (Lady Liz will stop at nothing to get the information the Brits want!) Recommended for anyone who wants to see goose-steppers eaten by dinosaurs. Roll on issue two! You can get your copy from:

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