Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Brickman Begins!/Brickman Returns! Review by John A. Short At last! No longer will we have to hunt through mouldy back-issue boxes at marts and waste paper bins… Between them, these two publications collect every appearance of the Dark Brick together in one place (well, two places… well, you know what I mean!) Child genius, Lew Stringer, created the cretin crusader in 1979 in the pages of comic fanzine* 'After Image' (*the internet, before the invention of electricity.) Since then he has rampaged through his own photocopied publications through to full colour American adventures in Image Comics 'Elephantmen' (Brickman, not Lew Stringer… Well, both of them I guess.) When zillionaire Loose Brayne is hit on the head by a brick while reclining in his mansion in Guffon City, he intones the classic phrase… “It's an omen! I shall become a brick!” and a legend is born. He goes on to face the vile villainy of the Poker, Gnatwoman, the Diddler, the Ostrich, Mr. Cheese, Man-Brick and more. Lew is a bit of a legend himself, having written and drawn strips for everything from Oink!, Toxic, Beano, Viz to Doctor Who Magazine (where he currently gives us 'The Daft Dimension' Doctor Who spoofs.) The great thing about Lew's work is the way that he crams jokes into his work, often throwing away jokes every panel that the rest of us would save for the big joke at the end of the strip. If these two publications don't have you laughing out loud multiple times you must be a DC lawyer or something. Not only that but they contain art and strips drawn by Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons, Hunt Emerson, Tim Sale, Charlie Adlard, Mike Collins and more. (A personal favourite is the two page strip 'Brickman Goes to Hell' drawn by Kevin (code-killer) O'Neil. Do yourself a favour and buy these comics and treat yourself to over 170 pages of pure stupidity. Find it at:

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Calling all comic shop owners/managers

As you may have heard, we failed to get Diamond distribution for our new book about the cult, public domain, underground, communist super-heroine - OCTOBRIANA: THE UNDERGROUND HISTORY. That means that most comic shops won't be carrying the book. You can of course, still buy it direct from this blog (just to your right, there) or artist Gabrielle Noble's blog. However, if you happen to be the owner or manager of a comic shop anywhere in the world, why not get in touch with us and we can stock it direct to you. That way, you would be cutting out the middle-man (distributor) and getting copies for a better price. Email me, John A. Short, at: and let me know how many copies you would be interested in stocking and I will work out the best price we can do for you (I'm sure we can come to a good arrangement for both sides.) Of course the same goes for any of our other titles (as listed to your right.)

Monday, 14 September 2015

How Octobriana Was Made...

Cover artist Simon Breeze has posted on his blog about how the cover to 'Octobriana: The Underground History' was created. Go behind the scenes on how the image of the Russian Devil-Woman leading an hoard of yeti to defeat the Chinese army in Tibet was made. Check out:

Friday, 11 September 2015


For all those of you who can't get enough of Octobriana - the Russian Devil-Woman... we have produced a set of four glossy art prints featuring images of the Spirit of the October Revolution! Two are by artist Simon Breeze (featuring the cover of the 'Octobriana: The Underground History' freed from it's text, so that it can be viewed in all it's glory!) And two by artist Gabrielle Noble. They are A3 sized (that's 29.9cm x 41.9cm if you're outside the UK.) Who doesn't want a full colour poster of Octobriana and an army of yeti kicking the Chinese army out of Tibet on their wall?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

OCTOBER-FEST! - "Octobriana: The Underground History" launches!

Octobriana: The Underground History is now on sale! You can click and buy it now from the buttons on the right (using paypal or credit card.) Just select the area of the world in which you live (the UK, or the rest of Europe... or outside Europe) and click on the 'Buy Now' button. Full details of the content of the book can be found just below in my last post. It's a limited edition, so buy it now before we sell out! Here's the fantastic Simon Breeze cover revealed for the first time!!!!!

Monday, 24 August 2015


'Octobriana: The Underground History' by John A. Short, published by Kult Creations is a numbered, signed, book - limited to just 300 copies... 120 PAGES LONG. LAVISHLY ILLUSTRATED. It contains the full story behind the original book that introduced the cult communist superheroine to the world. It also features a full breakdown of all her uses and appearances since - in comics, movies and audio drama... From 'The Adventures of Luther Arkwright' to the David Bowie and Billy Idol connections. NEW COMIC STRIP ACTION - written by J.A. Short & illustrated in full colour by GABRIELLE NOBLE (and containing the Devil Woman's full origin story.) With new Octobriana illustrations by NEIL EDWARDS, HUNT EMERSON, VINCE DANKS & LEW STRINGER. Fully painted covers by SIMON BREEZE. It's going to be REVOLUTIONARY!

Friday, 17 July 2015

October in August!

The date is set... Get ready for 'Octobriana: The Underground History' - we can now reveal that it is set to launch in August 2015.