Friday, 2 December 2016

REVEREND CROSS 003 is here!

Issue 003 of REVEREND CROSS is now on sale! Jump on board with four more tales of the first ever female vicar action hero as she takes on demons, gnomes, were-badges and devil-worshipping bishops! A full colour cover by Anna Suzanne. With black and white interior art by Jason Dennis, Atlantisvampir, Andrew Richmond and Grant Springford. All written by John A. Short. And as a special Christmas treat... All three issues of REVEREND CROSS so far are available in a special 3 - issue pack deal! Only available for a limited time. You'll find the pack on sale just to your right and the individual issues on sale just below it. SAY YOUR PRAYERS!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Reverend Cross 003!

Reverend Cross issue 003 is almost here! And we can now reveal the artists of the next issue... Jason Dennis (The original Cross artist) returns to illustrate a 6-pager... While we have Atlantisvampir drawing an awesome 5-pager that takes us to Sunnybrook for the first time... Then we have Andrew Richmond taking on a 5-pager which serves as the first part of Abby's origin... Grant Springford illustrates a cracking 5-pager featuring a devil worshiping Bishop and finally a stunning full colour cover by Anna Suzanne. Here's a sneak peek... More news soon.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Reverend Cross 002!

The first ever female vicar action hero is back... and this time she's drawn by Gabrielle Noble. Here's a look at some of the interior art. Soon there will be more new artists... FOUR MORE in fact. Plus the return of original Reverend Cross artist - Jason Dennis. More on that soon!

Saturday, 26 November 2016


THE SIXPENNY MURDER is now available as a digital mobi file for Kindle and other machines! Click on the link to your right to take you to Kult Creations new digital store! THE SIXPENNY MURDER is a true story of murder and gangs in Victorian Liverpool. Written by John A. Short, illustrated by David Hitchcock and edited by Emily Alison.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Celebrate 200 years of vampire fiction with Reverend Cross 002! Yes, it's the 200th anniversary of John Polidori's 1816 novel - 'The Vampyre' and to get in on the action we've produced an adventure for Abby Cross pitting her up against the undead! AND it's just in time for Halloween 2016! Find out how the first ever female vicar action hero deals with blood-sucking scum in this self-contained shocker! 24 pages of clerical ass-kicking written by John A. Short and illustrated in black and white by Gabby Noble. SAY YOUR PRAYERS!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

DEREK THE TROLL - reviewed!

The latest title from British humour comic dervish, Lew Stringer, is his collection of 'Derek the Troll'! It isn't, as you might be tempted to think from the title, a Viz strip of his about a loser who spends all his time typing away venom on his bedroom computer attacking people on the internet. The Derek of the title is a more literal troll who appeared in Games Workshop's magazines back in the eighties. This comic collects every episode of the sword and sorcery spoof from Warlock Magazine and White Dwarf. It illustrates what's so great about Lew's work… Not only are his plots very clever with great twists and jokes at the end, but he peppers each strip with fantastic plays on words and sight-gags along the way. (My favourite joke of the whole collection was Derek filling in the grave for Warlock Magazine in the first of the White Dwarf strips!) The second half of the issue collects the complete 'Rock Solid: Space Hero' from eighties' Harrier Comic Swiftsure. Rock is an arrogant Flash Gordon-type who is more dangerous to have on your side than having villains against you. There is a great pay-off to his multi-part 'Brazen Invasion' story, but to reveal it here would be to spoil the surprise. Let's just say it has very serious implications for Lew Stringer's shared universe (known as the Lewiverse!) It's @£3.50… 32 pages, black and white, colour cover, kid friendly... in American Comics format. You can get it from:

Friday, 26 August 2016


Work is in progress on new 'Reverend Cross' comics. More news soon. Remember, issue one is still available to buy from the sidebar on the right! Here's a sneak peek at what's next for the first ever female vicar action hero!