Thursday, 25 May 2017

Captain Wylde!

Artist Gabby Noble and I are working on a new pirate strip at the moment. For release later this summer. Here's an early sample:

Friday, 17 March 2017

Sorry to miss Birmingham!

Hi everyone... John here! Sorry about this, but I (and Kult Creations) will have to miss the Birmingham MCM Comics Expo due to a family medical emergency. But please do go along and support it. I'm sure it will be great fun! Sorry again, everyone. John

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Kult Creations will have a table at the Birmingham MCM Comics Expo event on 18th & 19th March 2017! Why not come along and check out the comics fun! Read more at:
Also... More 'Reverend Cross' coming soon. Check out this latest piece of art by Richard Pester! Amen!

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Armageddon Patrol Book 1 is now available in digital format for kindle and any device with the (free) kindle app! It's £3 cheaper an the print version (which you can fin on-sale on this very page - below!) You'll find the new digital version for sale over on Kult Creations' digital store at: or by clicking on the button to your right. ARMAGEDDON PATROL asks the question:
Written by John A. Short and illustrated by Alwyn Talbot and Alex Paterson. It runs to over 100 pages of violence and swearing!
Colour cover by Vince Danks with black and white interiors.You can also buy the pack of the print versions of issues 5 - 9 from this very blog!
Watch the promo video at:

Friday, 13 January 2017


The digital version of my book about cult, underground, public domain, communist super-heroine... OCTOBRIANA... is now on sale. Over forty-five years of Russian Devil Woman history all in one place for the first time! Available for kindle or any device with the free kindle app (available from Amazon's own site.) Tracking the full history of the character from her secret beginnings in the legendary 1971 book through to her live action appearances! Read a hidden comics history!Just go over to Kult Digital blog - link to your right - ( or buy the limited edition print version below!

Monday, 9 January 2017

The Art of Stephen Prestwood R.I.P.

As I have mentioned before on the blog... Last year artist and small press genius, Stephen Prestwood, passed away long before he should have done. I worked with him a few times and was a big fan of his fantastic artwork. In 2003 he drew issue seven of my 'Armageddon Patrol' series and provided me with a cover to use. Only one problem, at the time neither he or I knew how to colour stuff and to be distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors the cover of our comic had to be in colour even if the inside was in black and white. Another fantastic small press artist, Chris Askham, ended up doing the cover as he knew how to produce full colour artwork. Much as I love what Chris did... I don't really approve of comics which have a different artist on the cover to the one inside... On the one hand it seems like a snub to the interior artist and on the other hand it seems like a con on the readers who might think they are getting one thing, but are really getting something else. However, at the time we didn't have much choice. After Stephen sadly died last year I chanced upon his black and white cover for AP7 and realised that I now had the skill to colour it in photoshop and bring it back to the world. This is my small tribute to a great artist and a really nice bloke. First a version done up with the logos and lettering on and after that a version where the artwork can be seen 'clean'.
You can still buy his issue of 'Armageddon Patrol' in the five-issue-pack in the column to your right.

Friday, 6 January 2017


The 'Reverend Cross' 3-pack is now available for kindle and any device with the kindle app over on the Kult Digital blog ( - or link to your right!) That's along with many of our other titles like... The Clock Strike! The Sixpenny Murder and Savage: Jungle Princess Book 1! You can also watch especially made promo videos for these titles over on youtube! (