Thursday, 3 May 2018



Good news for all you pirate comics fans out there... Soon Captain Wylde will be back for a second, full colour issue! If you need to get caught up, issue 001 is still available in both paper and digital versions:

Number: 002
Price: £3.99
Format: American comic size, full colour, 24 pages
Creators: Written by John A. Short & illustrated by Gabrielle Noble
Plot: When pirate Cinnamon Wylde finds a strange brand on her hand she sets out to find who has cursed her and why. With Erasmus, her trusty homunculus at her side, she finds herself up-against dreaded pirate queen - Captain Dunaway and her clockwork automaton!
You'll find it on-sale to your right!

Friday, 13 April 2018

KULT in Margate 14th & 15th April 2018!

Kult Creations will have a table at the Margate International Comic Expo on the 14th & 15th April 2018! Please come along if you are in the area, say hello and look through our stuff! For more info:

Friday, 30 March 2018

Reverend Cross 005 now on sale!

Looking for REVEREND CROSS 005? It was getting so cluttered on the main Kult Creations blogs that we have set up separate sites for Reverend Cross! To buy print copies of any or all of the comic about the FIRST EVER FEMALE VICAR CATION HERO go to: and for digital (mobi) editions for kindle go to:

Saturday, 10 March 2018


Where have all the REVEREND CROSS gone from the KULT CREATIONS store?! There are now so many issues of RC that we have decided to list all her products for sale on two new blogs to stop that KULT CREATIONS blog and shop becoming any more crowded and cluttered! There's one blog for the print editions of her comics and one for the digital (kindle) editions! You can find LINKS to these new blogs to the right of your screen (or down below on this very post.)

Don't worry, we will continue to plug REVEREND CROSS news on this blog! In fact you can expect two new issues of her comic out this spring (2018!) More news on RC 005 and RC 006 soon. But check out a preview of some up-coming art below!  

Friday, 2 February 2018

New REVEREND CROSS - soon... ish!

There will be a new issue of REVEREND CROSS (005) out this spring! It's another short story issue with four strips in it. Two of those strips are now complete. One drawn by Andrew Richmond and one by Gabrielle Noble. Here are a couple of previews!

Thursday, 30 November 2017


TITLE: Mandy: The Monster Hunter – The Face in the Curtain
CREDITS: Written by Matt Warner, Art by Atlantisvampir, Colouring by Capucine Drapala
PUBLISHER: Hellbound Media
FORMAT: American comic sized, square-bound, card cover, full-colour, 59 story pages
PRICE: @£10

If you've never encountered Mandy before try to imagine the clash of three different horror sub-genres… There's a sprinkling of urban legend, a taste of dark faerie tale and a big helping of kick-ass young female hero (eg. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) But that's not quite it… There's more to it than that. It taps into the unsettling fantasies of childhood in a way that almost nothing else does. This is the world of monsters in the cracks in the pavement… The creature under the bed… And yes, the face in the curtain. 
It isn't completely unique. I have seen this sort of thing done a couple of times before, but it is a road less travelled in horror fiction. As such, Mandy is a series worth treasuring. 
Mandy herself is a figure with one foot in reality and is clearly a young woman with a background and real-life (that is revealed here more clearly that has been done before), but is also partly a mythological figure like the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. Children summon her to fight the monsters that their parents can't see and don't believe in by sending her Santa-style letters. 
Each of Mandy's adventures is a self-contained mission against a new threat and this makes it very easy to pick up her stories from any point and jump aboard. This is the first time that one of her strips has stretched to this sort of length and is an epic in these terms. She finds herself up against an army of the dark creatures of childhood nightmares banding together in ways that they never have before. And as an extra bonus we even get a flashback to her origin and the mini-adventure that surrounds it. 
Matt Warner is an imaginative writer who knows when to shut-up and let the artist tell the story. He taps into the creepy recesses of distant memory for the half-forgotten horror's of the nursery. The Italian artist, Atlantisvampir, is a favourite of mine (having worked with her myself on Reverend Cross 003.) She uses a scratchy, sinister, but charming style on this story. Everything is brought to vivid life by Drapala's vibrant colours. 
Read it late at night with the lights turned down. This is similar territory to 'The Babadook', only with a heroine as magical as it's villains.

John A. Short 2017

Monday, 27 November 2017

Thanks to Reading!

Many thanks to everyone who came by the Reading Comic Convention on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of November 2017. Special thanks to all of you who stopped by the Kult Creations table to chat and browse. And big love to all of you who bought something!