Friday, 6 May 2016


Since we have sold out of the first edition of 'Cross' there's only one thing to do... REPRINT IT! This new second edition has a new title - 'REVEREND CROSS' this time... to make it easier for search engines to single out the comic from the simple 'Cross' of old. Not only that, but it now has a full colour cover! The strips remain the same as before... featuring two adventures for THE FIRST EVER FEMALE VICAR ACTION HERO! Written by John A. Short and illustrated by Jason Dennis.You can buy it by clicking on the paypal buttons just to the right of this post!
ALSO... Plans are afoot for more 'REVEREND CROSS'! Fingers crossed, later this year will see - not one - but two NEW ISSUES! Featuring all new story and art from some of the biggest names in the small press. It's going to be ONE HELL OF A SERMON!

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