Sunday, 27 September 2015

Calling all comic shop owners/managers

As you may have heard, we failed to get Diamond distribution for our new book about the cult, public domain, underground, communist super-heroine - OCTOBRIANA: THE UNDERGROUND HISTORY. That means that most comic shops won't be carrying the book. You can of course, still buy it direct from this blog (just to your right, there) or artist Gabrielle Noble's blog. However, if you happen to be the owner or manager of a comic shop anywhere in the world, why not get in touch with us and we can stock it direct to you. That way, you would be cutting out the middle-man (distributor) and getting copies for a better price. Email me, John A. Short, at: and let me know how many copies you would be interested in stocking and I will work out the best price we can do for you (I'm sure we can come to a good arrangement for both sides.) Of course the same goes for any of our other titles (as listed to your right.)

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