Monday, 12 May 2014

Back from the Bristol Comics Expo 2014

Thanks to everyone who bought stuff off of the Kult Creations table at the Bristol Comics Expo over the weekend... Or even came up and chatted... And special big thanks to the crazy Russian woman who came up and shouted at me cuz she didn't like my poster about Vladimir Putin being the 'Special Guest Villain' in The New Amazons comic! You made me something of a legend down my end of the small press hall!

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  1. Was it: "Владимир Путин сломает тебя пополам, как сушеные ветки вы империалистическая собаки!" Oh, no parlez the Russkie, heh? So in English: "Wladimir Putin will break you in two like a dried twig you imperialist dog!" Hope you did well at the event!