Saturday, 29 March 2014


You can now buy the whole story in one book. Castaway New Yorker Arabella Savage is the leader of a tribe of amazon warriors on the mysterious Death Island.What will she do when shipwrecked M.I.5 secretary, Friday Robinson, is washed up on her shores followed by a U-boat full of Nazis looking for the Philosopher's Stone? Expect Nazis, Ninjas, Dinosaurs and Zombies.
There are 108 pages plus covers. It's full colour. It's got two different covers to choose from. It's got brand new, never before seen, story pages. It's got unpublished illustrations. IT'S GOT JOHN DEE'S OWN MAP OF DEATH ISLAND!
You can also buy the signed collectors pack of the original comics if you'd rather. Remember to choose which area of the world you live in when you buy, so that you cover your postage... From the UK... Or the rest of EUROPE... or for the rest of the world... OUTSIDE EUROPE! Cool!

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