Thursday, 5 September 2013

OCTOBRIANA's back! (and she's fighting Vladimir Putin!)

THE NEW AMAZONS PREVIEW SPECIAL is out now! It's a brand new superhero title written by John A. Short (me) and illustrated by Gabrielle Noble (artist of 'Savage! Jungle Princess'). It features the return of cult underground comics character OCTOBRIANA (see my post from last month if you don't know who that is!) In the exclusive strip that appears in the Preview Special Octobriana and the rest of the New Amazons are up against that arch-super-villain... VLADIMIR PUTIN! This short FULL COLOUR preview is here to pave the way for the forthcoming Graphic Novel 'The New Amazons: Costume Drama'!


  1. More enjoyable reading from Kult with the usual lavish artwork from Gabbie Noble - if you loved Savage Jungle Princess then you'll fall in love with this one! Highly recommended!!