Thursday, 7 March 2013

Review of 'The Clock Strikes!'

Here's what the Coruvs Press website had to say about " THE CLOCK STRIKES!   Who was the first “superhero” character to appear in a comic?  Chances are if asked that question until recently I would have answered Superman. However, I have been reading Kult Creations lastest release and now I know the truth! The Clock first appeared in 1936, created by a full eighteen months before the Man of Steel.   I have to say I enjoyed the return of The Clock. The story was fast paced, peopled with believable characters and left me wanting more. Writer John Short has done a good job of capturing the spirit of Thirties America. He has a good ear for dialogue and his use of period slang quickly draws you into the world. Vince Danks’ monochromatic artwork is very atmospheric and reminded me of those great black and white films from the golden days of Hollywood. There is a richness to the artwork that repays repeated viewing. I am eagerly waiting for the next issue"

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