Thursday, 19 July 2012

King Evil!

Stuck behind the Kult Creations table at the recent Glasgow Comic Con I didn't really have time to look at many other stalls or grab many small press comics. But on the next table along was small press writer/artist Curt Sibling and I was lucky enough to get myself a copy of his 'King Evil – Crusaders' comic. This A5 self-contained comic features the adventures of a group of soldiers of fortune in a tongue and cheek, sword and sorcery style. With 28 black and white pages plus a colour cover, this has more light-hearted gore and mayhem than you can shake your sword at. Curt's art reminded me very much of American underground comic art of the 60s and 70s in a scratchy, but detailed style. It also has shades of Pini's art on 'Elfquest or Bryan Talbot's art with a pleasingly solid slant of it's own. Eyeballs fly and heads roll with the joyful accompaniment of sound effects like 'SLAY!', 'SKUNCH!' and 'KERSH!'. The five main characters define themselves with wonderfully self-obsessed pronouncements and terrific comedy energy is added by a brilliantly dippy bunch of semi-intelligent lizards. The whole thing is wrapped up in a stylishly glossy Alex Ronald cover. You can grab yourself at copy from:

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