Thursday, 19 May 2011

Comics what I got at Bristol

Comics what I got at Bristol Expo...

HARKER by Roger Gibson & Vince Danks
Stunning, black-and-white-with-colour-covers, detective series. A serious, photo-realistic, whodunnit series with wit. Check it out... it'll blow your socks off.

THE ABNORMALS by Grant Springford
Full-colour, weird, British, superhero team title. Shades of Doom Patrol meets the Mighty Avengers in London. Very ambitious, with simple but stylish art.

SPANDEX by Martin Eden
Funky, full-colour, A5, gay and lesbian, super-team comic. The art is confidently cartoony (in a sort-of Bruce Timm kinda way.) The plots are cheekily adult.

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