Monday, 15 November 2010

New regular strip!

Starting in January 2011's issue of Britain's MAYFAIR magazine, artist, Gabrielle Noble and I have a new regular strip starting. 'MS. FORTUNE' features the misadventures of poor little rich girl PENNY FORTUNE! She never expected to have to get a job, but when daddy loses all the family's money in the sub-prime crash she must make her own way in the world. Shame she failed that GCSE in needle-point and has a terrible habit of accidentally losing all her clothes! This full colour strip will run monthly.
Gabby and I are very excited (and a little daunted) to be following in the footsteps of Don Lawrence, who's 'Carrie' strip ran in Mayfair from the early 1970s. We hope we can do the magazine justice. Why not subscript on the Paul Raymond website?

November 2010

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