Monday, 2 August 2010

The Sixpenny Murder is comic soon!

Coming soon… ‘The Sixpenny Murder’! A 12-page comic telling the real-life story of a notorious Victorian street crime. Written by John A. Short, illustrated by David (Springheeled Jack, Whitechapel Freak, Madam Samurai) Hitchcock and edited by Emily Alison.

‘The Sixpenny Murder’ was produced as part of the ‘Changing Places +’ programme - a 16 week program created by Emily and Laurence Alison and directed at establishing a positive core identity for young people, increasing confidence, empathy and interpersonal skills – with the key aim to reduce gang-linked and weapon-oriented violence (currently running successfully in the North West). The Sixpenny murder will be one component of a module directed at accepting personal responsibility.

We chose the historical tale of the ‘Tithebarn Street Outrage’ from the 1800’s because we wanted to parallel what was said then about youth, knives, and violence with the current views represented in today’s press. We also wanted a subject that would resonate but not hit too close to home, allowing the readers (the young men on the program) to be less defensive and more reflective about events.

We’re really proud of this piece and wanted to produce a popular edition so that everyone (not just those on the Changing Places + programme) could read it.

John A. Short
(with thanks to Emily and Laurence Alison)

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