Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cross issue 001

If you’ve never met the Reverend Abigail Cross before, get ready for one Hell of a sermon, cuz she isn’t your average vicar.

Hidden from the public, the Church of England has been fighting a secret war against the forces of darkness for centuries. It’s their job to manage the creatures that live in our midst and take them down when they get out of hand. They must have agents trained to fight the vampires, werewolves and ghouls who threaten our world. Licensed to kick demon ass.

The vicar of the sleepy Dorset village of Sunnybrook is one of those agents. She is under the direct orders of the Archbishop of Canterbury with all the resources of the Church at her beck and call.

And when she has captured something that can’t be killed, what does she do then? That’s what the custom-built prison beneath the Tower of London is for. Created by William the Conqueror to imprison the Behemoth it has now grown into the hub of the Church’s special operations.

If Abby’s been set on your trail you’d better

say your prayers!

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